5 Unusual Dog-Powered Sports

Skijoring Dog Powered Cross Country Skiing

Beyond Obedience And Agility: 5 Unusual Dog-Powered Sports – Following our deep concern about the fact issued by The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) reports that an estimated 55.6 percent of dogs are overweight or obese, we got to realize how important exercise is for you and your dogs. It is not a mere activity, but it is also about saving their lives and to enhance their health. Apart from that, there some other risks that follow overweight dogs such as osteoarthritis, insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, many forms of cancer, and an up to 2½-year decrease in life expectancy. In fact, it is the absolute need of every dog to do things, running, walking, playing and spend their energetic nature. They will happy to do sporty things which can also help you take some benefits out of it. There are some activities you can try as mentioned below.

Canicross: Cross-Country Running
If you are actually a runner and love of running activity, then you can try this cross-country running with your dog called canicross. All you need are equipment like harness and leash or with additions of specially designed waist belts, leads and harnesses for comfort and hands-free running. What you do is to find a trail; then hook up your pup to his leash and start running.

Bikejoring: Dog-Powered Cross-Country Biking
The difference of this is that there is a bicycle needed. This one is absolutely in puppy power with the human’s help. The dog has to the pull bicyclists, cross-country or during rallies and events. Some equipment needed include a harness for the dog along with a bicycle and an easy-release towline (or leash) connected to the bike’s frame that safely links the leash to the rider. It is important to note that the bicyclist has to wear protective gear such as a helmet and gloves.

Skijoring: Dog-Powered Cross-Country Skiing
This one is popularly known as sky diving in Norwegian, but in this case we call it skijoring. This activity is performed by a cross country skier with the help of three, two or one dogs pull him down. You have to prepare cross country skis and a specially designed belt worn by the skier. For the dogs, they have to wear harnesses attached to a quick-release skijoring line, which is at least 8 feet long. It is done by giving instruction to the dogs like “hike,” or run; “gee” and “haw,” or right and left; “whoa,” or stop; and “on by,” or pass. Make sure your dogs respond properly to every command before trying this.

Treibball: Ball Herding for Herders
This activity will suit herding breeds more. It is a competitive game where your pets herd large exercise balls into a soccer goal by following the voice of the handler. There is a need of cooperation from both parties. The handler must do well with the instructions using utterances, whistles and hand signals while the dogs have to follow each of the command well by rolling eight 17- to 30-inch balls into a confined space within a set time period, typically 15 minutes.

Dog Sulky: Cart Pulling Made Easy
This is done by making your dogs pull a sulky or cart with humans on top of it. It will be fun for you while also give benefits to your dogs. Remember that dogs have sensitive spines, so you must not put the weight on the animals’ backs.

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