Abyssinian Cat Health Problems, Characteristics And Pictures

Cute Abyssinian Kitten Pictures

One of the most famous breeds which is still rare is the Abyssinian. The cat is quite exotic with its long and slender nature. We will find out more details on it here.

Abyssinian Cat History
This cat was spotted for the first time during an exhibition at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in 1871 during the late Victorian era. The breed was found to be unique and unusual. Though there was no exact record of its true origin, the cat was found in the Abyssinian war, thus it gained the name. There were people who believed that this was the cat of the pharaohs and other speculations are doing the round. However, after a genetic examination, the cat is concluded to be the breed of Indian Ocean coastal regions and parts of Southeast Asia.

Abyssinian Cat Size
The cat is quite slim and is considered to be a medium-sized breed. In fact, they commonly gain weight for about 6 to 10 pounds only.

Abyssinian Cat Personality
This cat is known for their way of life which should be followed by everyone. It really lives their life to the fullest and never takes everything for granted. They enjoy every bit of their days. They play, climb, jump and do things. They got the intelligence to recommend them. Apart from that, they are also very entertaining to see while at the same time can be quite challenging. They cannot stand still and their brain keeps working. This cat is also the most curious one apart from their nature as an attention seeker. Since they are agile and smart, they will love to learn tricks and will master them fast. They can adapt to various situations and rarely damage things. Busy people will find them a burden and not for people who love to be at home.

Abyssinian Cat Health
There are some health problems that can occur by the effect of their genetic nature or hereditary from their parents.

  • Early-onset periodontal disease
  • Hyperesthesia syndrome
  • Patellar luxation
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKD)
  • Renal amyloidosis related to their kidney

Abyssinian Cat Care and Grooming
The coat of this breed is quite short yet the texture is very fine. You can comb them once a week to keep it oily and healthy. They do shed so bathing is important to control the excessive hairs in the coat. Brush their teeth well and trim their nails once a week. Their eyes should be well-wiped using a damp cloth. Since the ears are long and wide, it should be checked and cleaned well using a soft damp cloth moistened with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and warm water. You have to clean their litter box on time because this cat is quite clean and hate to use dirty box.

Abyssinian Cat Coat and Color
As far as the Abyssinian cat appearance is concerned, the cat is seen as more of a wild cat. It may appear so because of their coat which is rather thick and rough. They got some light and dark bands of color on each of their hair shaft as well. To sum it up, the breed matches the nature so well, personality and appearance wise. Their eyes come in beautiful colors of green and gold. Their body, though slim and long yet is quite muscular and compact. Their coat is glowing and looks so warm and pleasing. There is medium length hair there which is very silky and smooth. Normally, they are found in the coat with colors like ruddy brown or burnt sienna, red (sometimes called sorrel), blue, and fawn though some associations recognize more choices of colors such as chocolate, lilac, and various silver tones.

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