Be Careful of Dogs Attack, Here’s How To Deal With It

How To Deal With A Dog Attack

How to deal with a dog attack? When we are out, we can face the risk of confronting a stray dog ​​that can attack and hurt us. We know that the character of the dog is very diverse, even very unpredictable.

Of course, it takes the right response so bad things do not happen to you. Therefore we must understand the correct response when meeting the wild dogs around us.

Some of the sources we get reveal some things we should look at when encountering stray dogs. Recommendations from experts and cynologists you can do to keep yourself safe and avoid dog attacks. What to do in a dog attack?

1. Do not panic
Dogs are very sensitive animals and can recognize human fear. When you meet a dog that grows and looks angry, of course, we can just surrender. Make sure you do not panic and stay calm, do not do sudden movements because it can trigger and provoke the dog to attack.

2. Try to walk slowly
Walk slowly when you will pass the dog while walking. Walk away from the dog slowly but still have to be alert and watch the movements of dogs. The dog will lose interest in you and walk away when you stand with your arms outstretched along the sides of your body.

3. Avoid eye contact with dogs
Dogs can respond to your gaze as a challenge and trigger aggressive behavior, so avoid direct eye contact with dogs. Must remain vigilant with the dog’s movements but avoid staring directly into his eyes. By not looking into his eyes, the dog will assume we are not a threat to him, and he will probably turn and leave.

4. Find a way of diverting with the goods
You can give something to the dog as a distraction, so you can have time to escape. Give something that catches his attention, for example, that can be chewed, like your shoes, bottle, jacket, or your backpack.

5. Try to be firm and tell him to leave
This is the last option if the dog continues to behave aggressively. Face him, but do not look him in the eye, then tell him to leave. Be sure to use loud noises and with confidence. Usually, the effective command is the word “No” and “Back away” with a firm tone. Usually, the dog will lose its guts and go away from you.

Thus are some important things you should know when meeting a stray dog ​​to avoid things that can injure you. May be useful!

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