Black and White Cats: What Are Known as Tuxedo Cats?

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Cats are born with various different colors, depending on what they get from their parents. So, do you have black and white cats? I don’t mean the black and white as separate cats. It is about a cat which has two colors that are black and white in its body. You see, such cat is often called as Tuxedo cat. However, it is not distinguished cat breed or something. It is just how people call this cat based on how it looks. Are you interested in buying such cat? Let’s discuss more it first here.

Tuxedo-Like Colored Cats

Indeed, black and white cats are basically a bi-colored cat. It might have been a cat with black and white colors. However, it is actually a black cat with white patches. Do you know why it comes to be called as Tuxedo cat? Yes, it is because being black with white patches like that has made the cat appear to be wearing a tuxedo. That is why it is called so. Usually, the white patches would be on the paws, belly, chest, and throat. Sometimes, they can be in the face as well. So, did your cat include as Tuxedo cat then?

Just so you know this Tuxedo cat can be found in cats with either long hair or short hair. Black and white cats are either domestic or mixed breed too. Then, what breed does a cat come as Tuxedo? It can be many of them actually. Let me tell you here, the possible breeds are American Curl, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Exotic, La Perm, Maine Coon, Munchkin, Norwegian Forest Cat, Oriental, Persian, Peterbald, and Scottish Fold. Black White-colored cats sure can come from various different breeds like that.

Black and white cats are commonly called as Tuxedo cats. Even so, Tuxedo is not a distinguished breed of cat. It is only named so because the cat has tuxedo-like colors on its coat.

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