Bombay Cat Temperament Personality, Facts And Pictures

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Bombay cat or the black kitty is considered to be the miniature of a black panther and rightly so because they look every bit similar. Apart from the known fact of their sweet and affectionate characters, there are more details worth knowing about Bombay cat breed. Read on.

Bombay Cat History
This cat is actually a result of a cross which was done between sable Burmese and black American Shorthairs. The plan was to get a breed which resembled Black Panther. It was done for the very first time in late 1950 by Breeder Nikki Horner of Louisville, Kentucky. The breed got their first recognition by The Cat Fanciers Association in 1978.

Bombay Cat Size
This cat should gain weight around 6 to 11 pounds.

Bombay Cat Personality
As far as their personality is concerned, this breed is a very loving and playful one. They love the company of people and will adapt to new circumstances well. If you live in an apartment, this cat will make a good choice. They get along with other cats well but will like to be the superior. You will find them liking warm spots in your home especially your bed. Moreover, this cat is quite active and will like to learn tricks and games.

Bombay Cat Health
This cat, both the pedigree and the mixed ones are susceptible to some health problems. Some of them can be affected by their own genetic. The most common one is the craniofacial defect or Burmese head defect because it is seen in Burmese as well.

Bombay Cat Care and Grooming
Bombay Cat got a short coat which is very easy to care. You may do the brushing once a week and a bath is hardly needed. Their teeth should be brushed daily or at least once a week. The corners of their eyes should be wiped cleaned using a damp cloth and so are their ears when they get dirty with the addition of a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and warm water. Their litter box should be cleaned well since they cannot deal with too much dirt. This cat should be neutered and spayed when they reach their 9 months. This breed should be kept indoors if you do not want to lose them or to let them get injured.

Bombay Cat Coat and Color
This cat is known for their brilliantly solid black coat which makes them look like the miniature version of a black panther. Their eyes come in beautiful colors such as gold to copper. Though the coat is short, it is very soft and satiny. In fact, the color of black is very shiny and is similar to leather texture. Apart from the black, you may find them in sable-color, but there are people who recognize them as the Burmese.

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