Interesting Facts about Blue Burmese Cat You Have to Know

Beautiful Blue Burmese Kitten

Are you a blue Burmese cat lover? If it is right, actually you have fallen in love with how exotic the creature is. Blue Burmese cat comes with big gold eyes and a smooth coat with smoky color. Many people think that this breed of cat resembles the Siamese cat. Actually, the Burmese are originated from Thailand and the extensive breeding has happened within the past era between Siamese and Burmese breeds.

Identifying Blue Burmese Cat as a Hybrid or its Own Breed

A blue Burmese cat is known as a healthy, vocal and active cat. Possessing a natural human affinity. This kind of cat is a friendly breed which is issues to be friendly with dogs and children. Besides, the natural predilection of the cat is for indoors in which it is so comfortable during car trips. Essentially, the cat is ideal as a family pet.

However, the blue Burmese cat breed has been scrutinized closely in the past because of the origins. These cats refer to a Siamese offshoot and they were only bred originally to be with a sable or dark brown color. Till this time, the great debates whether a Burmese will be officially identified as its own bread instead of hybrid still exist.

The association of Cat Fancier is actually among the tightest within the breeding policies. A blue Burmese cat originally categorized as a different breed which is called as the “Malayan”. In contrary, the cats were ultimately put under the title of Burmese in 1984 even though they had been judged within the “dilute” group.

The term of “blue” for the cat can be something which is misleading for its description. A blue Burmese doesn’t mean exactly blue but it close to such blue color. Instead, such color is surely represented by its thick coat with a medium tone of charcoal. This charcoal tone may appear to show blue undertones within certain lighting.

Blue Burmese cat raise debate whether it comes as its own breed or a hybrid with the Siamese. Similar to the Siamese, the Burmese cat is a perfect family cat.

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