Manx Cat Health Issues, Personality Characteristics And Pictures

Manx Cat Breed Pictures

Manx cat breed was actually created through genetic mutation which means it is not natural. Yet the practice was intensified because they live in the Isle of Man, off the coast of Britain which is quite a remote place.

Manx Cat History
This cat is known for not-there tail. This makes them stand out among others. The tail free cat is special since there are no other breeds like them. In fact, tailless in this breed is affected by the practice of genetic mutation. People believe that this cat has been around since 1750 or maybe later yet they are not sure if tailless ones are in fact original to the place and not imported from other places.

Manx Cat Size
This breed is classified into medium sized cats. Commonly, they will weigh 8 to 12 pounds. They will get their full size only when they reach their fifth year. You will get surprised to find them heavier than they might look.

Manx Cat Personality
Manx cat was born a hunter of mouse and rat that is why they are agile, alert and quick. They make great watch-cat instead of having a watchdog. They are very suspicious of new strange things. But now, this cat seems to like peace more. They will prefer some tranquility over loudness. They are playful, lively cats who love to follow their favorite owners. They will find the opportunity to be on your lap when you are ready. This breed, today, are not afraid of new people and they can adapt themselves to the new situation well. Apart from that, they are very intelligent. Give them tricks and they will master them fast. This obedient cat also listens to your commands and will behave well when you know how to teach them. If you are a busy person, this cat is not for you.

Manx Cat Health Issues
Though they are healthy in general, still they are susceptible to several health problems:

  • Arthritis of the tailbone
  • Corneal dystrophy
  • Manx syndrome

Manx Cat Care and Grooming
This cat got a short coat which is quite low maintenance. In fact, you can brush their hairs once a week. You should always check their rear end because the fur around the anus usually gets some dirt after your cat poops. Their teeth should be brushed daily or at least once a week. Wipe the corners of their eyes using a wet cloth. Moreover, their ears should be cleaned using a cotton ball that should be added with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and warm water. Since they are very strict about their hygiene, you need to clean their litter box from time to time. Keep them indoors or watch them when they are outdoors.

Manx Cat Coat and Color
Talking about their coat, this breed features the short one. Yet you may also ones with a long haired double coat which is known as Cymric. As for the colors, they come in a variety of them such as solids, tabbies, tortoiseshells and calicos. Ones in Chocolate and lavender colors and the pointed Himalayan pattern are considered invalid.


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