Most Adorable Black Maltese Puppies

Black Maltese Puppy Teacup

Well, since black Maltese puppies becomes a hot topic, it is hard to believe that Maltese that is known for its beautiful snowy white color also has a black coat. Some breeders may offer black Maltese puppies sale and claim as the rare dogs. Well, it can be either true or not since today there are many breeders also do the same to make Maltese in a black coat. The price offered can be also very expensive. If you are not careful, you may just buy it.

Wait, black Maltese puppies does exist. But, it is not the case now. Although there can be two colors, black and white Maltese puppy it doesn’t mean both of them are received in the dog show. AKC or American Kennel Club only recognizes Maltese in pure white color. So, if you have bought these dogs, you may not be able to register your black Maltese in the dog show. However, you can still make them as a good family dog. That is because of the characters of Maltese that has been known.

Indeed, black Maltese puppies have the same size and characters as white Maltese. This small breed is considered as Toy Group. The dogs are cuddly companion dogs. They are playful and lively. You need to know, although these dogs may have older age, their energy level, as well as playful demeanor, will be always constant. It is recommended to socialize them since they are young. That is to reduce the habit to be snappish with kids.

Black Maltese puppies are just like white Maltese for the characters as well as health care tips. Therefore, before you adopt them, make sure you know the right tips to care as well as how to make them free from stress. Besides that, as long as they are trainable, you can also do some tricks for them to learn.

Black Maltese puppies do exist although the most popular are white Maltese as AKC also only knows Maltese in white for the show. So, these puppies can be as home or family dog only.

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  1. I am interested in a black female teacup or mini Maltese. Could you please tell me where you are located?
    How much do they cost?

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