Myths and Facts about White Boxer Puppies

Adorable White Boxer Puppy Photos

There are some myths about white Boxer puppies that you need to know the facts. So, you will not only just swallow the opinion that has become a public opinion without check and recheck. The myth like white Boxer puppies pets are rare cannot be accepted because about 1 from 5 Boxers is born with white color. In the United States, it is about 25% of the population of Boxer is white. Therefore, these dogs are not rare. These dogs are not unique or special so do not accept them for the higher price.

The myth about white Boxer puppies that can develop more issues of health than other Boxers cannot be accepted. It is because there is no clinical evidence that record white Boxers have more health problems. The only problem is only sunburned where it is common for white animals. Next myth is white Boxers are not trainable. At the fact, they are trainable using some varieties of methods like sign language, hand signal, flashlight and much more.

It is said that white Boxer puppies are deaf. This is not acceptable. Although there is a higher case about deafness for white Boxer where it is about 18%, it doesn’t mean all white Boxers are deaf. So, whether it is deaf or not, training white Boxers requires time just like other breed dogs. The myth that says these dogs are albinos also cannot be accepted. It is because albino dogs don’t have any pigments. White Boxers simply have white hair.

The next myth about white Boxer puppies is their personality that is different with other Boxers. Well, the coat color will never affect the personality of a Boxer. So, white Boxers have the same personality. The last myth says that these dogs cannot be registered. In AKC, this dog has the limited registry. But, it cannot join a competition. These are the myths and facts of white Boxer you need to know.

The white Boxer puppies are just Boxers in white hair and nothing more. So, they are same with other Boxers from the personality to the trainable. You must know more facts.

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