Persian Cat Personality Temperament And Characteristics Facts

White Persian Cat With Blue Eyes

One of the most popular pet cats is undoubtedly the sweet and docile Persian cat. Persian cat will be a good choice for the home pet that will be safe for the family and children. Let’s gather more information!

Persian Cat History

As far as the history goes, it is one of the oldest breeds. Originated in Mesopotamia or now known as Persia. Persian cat was first recognized by a Pietro Della Valle who took it to Europe in 1626. It has always been a royal cat with grace and dignity. This cat were brought to the US in the late 19th century. Ever since then, the popularity of this cat has gotten massive credit to their look.

Persian Cat Size
As far as the size is concerned, this breed can weigh around 7 to 12 pounds. It can be quite heavy especially when they grow bigger.

Persian Cat Personality
Overall, they are sweethearts. They are quite and docile creatures that will love to sleep and enjoy your lap. They are dignified and reserved fellows but will get playful when you play with them. They also walk cutely and sit still adorable. This cat will get friendlier with people they know rather than strangers. They hate the loud environment and prefer tranquil and serene situation.

Persian Cat Health

This cat is quite fragile. They get sick and ill easily when you do not take care of them and their surrounding well. Their facial feature is the most vulnerable part.

  1. Constricted nostrils that cause breathing problem.
  1. Dental malocclusions
  2. Excessive tearing
  3. Eye problems such as cherry eye and entropion
  4. Sensitivity to heat
  5. Polycystic kidney disease
  6. Predisposition to ringworm, a fungal infection
  7. Seborrhea oleosa

Persian Cat Care and Grooming

Grooming is the most basic care regime. It should be cleaned well. You need to comb and brush it daily and bath it monthly, at the very least.

They are super clean cats that are disturbed with their own dirt. The litter box should be well-managed and cleaned from time to time. Wipe their eyes well and brush their teeth daily if you can. This cat should be kept indoors since the out world can be a dangerous place for your soft cat.

Persian Cat Coat and Colors
This cat got features that are unique and different which make the look so nice and adorable. Persian cat has the thick coat which is quite shiny and long for their big body supported by short legs really make them super cute and beautiful breeds. There are fluffy ruff around the neck and also frill on their legs. You may find them in a variety of colors and combinations as well as patterns. There are about seven solid color divisions such as white, blue, black, red, cream, chocolate and lilac. Moreover, you may also find them in silver and golden division colors of chinchilla and shaded silver or golden and blue chinchilla and much more. They also got great eyes in different hues and all of them are mesmerizing.

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