Siamese Cat Personality And Facts

Siamese Cat Breed

Siamese cat is not as glamorous and as cute as its contemporaries like the Persians, yet it has its own charm that people find interesting, smart and agreeable. We will find out why this cat is a favorite of many.

Siamese History

This name gives you the hint that the cat’s origin is from Siam, which is known as Thailand now. The Thai cat is called Wichienmaat there. This cat is one of the exotic looking breeds yet in the west, it was not seen often before the late nineteenth century. It was first shown in crystal Palace Cat Show in London. Most people found them unusual and weird, but later; they considered them as fashionable and sophisticated. The next century, it gained popularity, especially in the US. Moreover, it took part in creating some breeds such as the Balinese, Oriental, and the Himalayan division of the Persian, the Tonkinese and the Havana Brown.

Siamese Personality

If you expect a quiet and calm cat, then this Siamese cat is definitely not for you. This cat is one quite that is talkative. They demand attention and wish to get as much care as you can possibly give. They want to be heard and will get loud to get what they want. Yet this cat is a very affectionate one and also helpful. They love to tag and follow you. They want to get in your lap and bed and be with you all the time. If you love not to feel lonely, this buddy makes a perfect pick, but if you a busy person who needs tranquility at home, you should reconsider it. There are some commendable qualities in this breed as well like their intelligence, agility, loyalty and playfulness.

Siamese Health

There are some health problems to deal with and some of them may be affected by their genetic.

  • Amyloidosis,
  • Asthma/bronchial disease
  • Congenital heart like aortic stenosis

Care and Grooming

This breed is quite low maintenance. You may do the brushing and comb the coat once a week and so are their teeth to keep them healthy and beautiful. Though they can be quite strong for outdoor life yet it will be better to keep them safe indoor since there are some threats that they cannot eat like human or bigger animals like dogs.

Siamese Coat and Colors

This cat is quite tall, long and muscular which make them the masculine type of breed. They got a beautiful pair of deep vivid blue eyes in almond shape. They got a short coat with a nice touch of texture. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, there are four coat colors available, but according to The International Cat Association, there are more ranges of colors like tabby points, red points, cream points, silver tabby points, smoke points and parti-color points. However, The Traditional Cat Association emphasizes that there are two kinds of Siamese, which is traditional and classic which are both different from breeds known by the CFA, TICA and other cat associations.

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