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Simple Ways to Overcome Fear of Dogs

Cynophobia Fear Of Dogs

Do you have a fear of dogs? On this occasion, we will review about the fear of dogs and how to overcome fear of dogs.

Everyone has different fears. Some people are afraid of insects, some are afraid of darkness, and some are afraid of dogs. The fear of dogs is known as cynophobia. In countries with large dog populations, the fear of dogs can be a very serious phobia, which can affect a person in their daily activities. The severity of cynophobia differs from person to person. Some people may only be afraid of big dogs or just wild dogs.

The experience once chased, bitten, and attacked by a dog can cause a person to have cynophobia. Another cause is the behavior of adults around dogs. If a mother is afraid of an approaching dog, the fear may drop to the child. Adult experiences sometimes affect the child’s attitude. Signs if someone is afraid of dogs such as trembling, shortness of breath, feelings of numbness and fear, crying, faster heartbeat, dry mouth, excessive sweating, difficulty speaking.

Tips to overcome fear of dogs

  • Understand your fears, why are you so afraid?
  • Be more patient and not in a hurry
  • More often to see dogs more closely
  • Learn how others behave near dogs
  • Relaxing and imagining if you are with a dog, and how to deal with the situation. After some time, try with a real dog to practice coping techniques to overcome fear.
  • If your neighbor or friend has a dog, go to his house and try to interact with the dog slowly. This is one of the most effective ways to overcome excessive fear in dogs.

Learning more about dogs can overcome your fears of dogs. You might be able to approach the chained dog. If the dog is supervised or controlled, it doesn’t harm you, thus reducing your fear. A good move is to play with puppies. A small dog is very harmless and will increase your confidence. When you meet a dog, do not try to run immediately, because this will actually make the dog panic, he may not only bark but also jump and chase you.

Like most animals, they only attack to defend themselves. Do not stop to hide and confront your fears. With the right attitude and following the advice above, you will surely be able to overcome the fear of dogs.

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