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Some Things You Should Know if You Are Afraid of Dogs

Afraid Of Fierce Dogs

Are you afraid of dogs? Here are some things you need to know if you want to be safe when dealing with fierce dogs. For some, a dog may be a terrible animal, because its fangs are sharp, its looks are fierce, and barking. Bad experiences about dogs can make a person traumatized and continue to be afraid when meeting the dogs around him.

Sometimes some people are frightened when they see wild dogs, both from fear of being bitten, scared of being bungled, afraid of being pursued, in fact, it is wrong, dogs have the same feelings as humans, even have a sense of empathy that is more than human. Therefore sometimes human actions against dogs are often wrong.

1. Run at the sight of a dog
This is something that is really wrong, sometimes many people are afraid to see dogs, not even many people who run when it has passed the dog. Here it is something wrong. The dog has the character of a human child. Who likes to play and joke, so if you run at the sight of the dog sitting relaxed while stomping, chances are 80% you must be chased by the dog.
Therefore the correct way is to keep walking casually, while indifferent.

2. Fear of seeing a growling dog
This is also a wrong thing, in which we are afraid of seeing a dog growling, and something more wrong than that is at that moment we, mocking a dog growling by putting on an angry face, let alone holding a tool. To overcome this, just walk naked at the sight of a dog who was growling, because basically the dog will not attack let alone feel disturbed.

3. Panic when bitten by a dog
At the time of being chased dogs, most people will be caught and bitten. This often makes a person will panic when bitten. Often people will hit dogs, then shout hysterically.

To overcome this the first thing to do is, Do not panic !!!. Because basically the panic will make things worse, and get worse, to overcome it, if bitten by the hands just insert your hand into the dog’s mouth deeper, until the dog feels as if to throw up, this will release the dog bite, then immediately do the check to the doctor. Where necessary, to avoid the things that are not desirable.

But when you get bitten by a dog you pull your hand because the panic will only aggravate the condition, because the dog will strengthen the bite, and shake his head to the left and right, so the wound will get worse.

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