Top 10 Best Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Papillon Cat Friendly Dog Breeds

What breed of dogs likes cats? Well, some dogs can really actually have cat-like temperaments and likings or disliking. You may surprise to hear it but we are going to tell you breeds that have those potentials. Here we go with a list of 10 canines with the most cat-like traits.

List of Most Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

  1. Vizsla

This breed is considered to have kitty quality seen from its affectionate, gentle and tender behavior.

  1. Manchester Terrier

This one is superbly loyal buddy. Though the look does not represent it, but he is a real affectionate dog which craves your love. They also like to chase rats and insects just like all cats do.

  1. Papillon

This canine is a great friend and companion. They like to go outdoors and play as well as getting in door and cuddling with you. They get closer easily with both adults and kids.

  1. Basenji

This one resembles cat a lot. He is very loyal dog which is also shy yet energetic. However, he likes to attach himself closely with one person.


  1. Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog prides himself on his eagerness to obey and follow his owner’s directions. Similar to a cat, he’s extremely smart and warm with his family and shy with strangers.


  1. Italian Greyhound

They like to chase intruders which can make them great guards. Like cats, these breeds will be perfect companions for adults and elderly owners.

  1. Whippet

These dogs love to get lazy and enjoy themselves around the house roaming around. Yet they are getting excited to be outdoors and play or run. These fellows are also intelligent.

  1. Shiba Inu

You will love to have them around since they are completely adorable with their clean and groomed looks. These breeds are also quite daring and fearless and just like cats, they like licking themselves.

  1. Mi-Ki

They are smart, adaptable and laid back just like most cats. People find them lovable and being around them is quite fun.

  1. Poodle

They may not be as similar as other breeds to cats yet their sense of belonging is just like them. They love themselves more than anything else and they are likely to act mischievous when they start getting tedious.

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