Yorkie Shih Tzu Temperament and Other Important Information

Cute Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix Puppies

Yorkie Shih Tzu or also called Shorkie-Zu is a mix between Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu. She is a loving dog with high loyalty. If you need a companion dog, she can be the best choice. What is interesting about Shorkie-Zu is the small size so that she is considered as a toy dog. She has medium coat length and nice floppy ears. Her short body and curled up tail complete her appearance. She can come in several colors, such as white, black, chocolate, gold, tan and red.

Talking about the Yorkie Shih Tzu mix temperament, you will find a sweet in nature and playful dog. You need to socialize the Yorkie Shih Tzu with the new environment so that she can get along with your kids. In addition, she is also good with other dogs and family pets. She is an intelligent dog, easy to train and eager to please the owners. Therefore, she is well known for her natural affectionate and tendency of spending time with the owners. The other important Yorkie Shih Tzu mix information is that she does not make lots of noise. She is calm and well behaved.

The Yorkie Shih Tzu has a very small size. She is no taller than 11 inches and has between 6 and 14 pounds weight. Due to this small size, she may be easily injured so that you need to pay attention when she plays with your kids. He is actually a healthy dog but some health conditions may be inherited from her parents. She has a risk of hip dysplasia, eye problems, and thyroid. The lifespan is between 14 and 19 years.

What the Yorkie Shih Tzu needs is special care because she is sensitive to adverse weather. If you live with her in a freezing cold weather, the special sweater should be given to this dog. She needs to easily get attached to the owners. Living in an apartment is not a problem. 20 minutes exercise per day is necessary to keep her healthy.

Yorkie Shih Tzu is an excellent family dog with very small size. She has an impressive appearance and temperament. However, she needs special treatments as follows.

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